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Welcome to the Waste & Recycling working group.

When energy becomes scarce in the future, the removal of all our waste may not be possible, and the responsibility could fall back on the town and its individual households.

We would like to encourage new perspectives on waste – for instance, it can be seen as a resource for making useful items and for generating heat and power.

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 Give or Take Days

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Stop Press: Change to Give or Take Day, Sunday 27th April!

Due to a mix-up we will no longer be able to accept deliveries on the evening before, but we will be there early on the Sunday morning instead. To allow time for deliveries and setting up on Sunday morning, the opening times have been postponed half an hour.
So please note:

No deliveries Saturday evening

Please bring deliveries on Sunday 27th from 7.30 am instead.

Opening times will be 9.30 – 12.30.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Here is the updated poster (click to enlarge):


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Our last Give or Take Day was on October 27th 2013 and was a great success, as ever!

Give or Take Days 2014 will be on Sunday 27th April
& Sunday 26th October

 It is often said that one person’s junk is another person’s gold and our world famous Give or Take Days are an excellent example. It’s the perfect way to give new life to all that clutter in the attic or garage.

At the same time we can keep tons of material out of landfill, reducing the burden on Council Tax and preserving our countryside.

Give or Take TabletopPeople can simply bring unwanted items (we can accept most things, from a pillow case to a four poster bed as well as electrical items) and we will find them a new home. You may also find something to take home with you.

Plus it’s all free!

First Give or Take: Downstairs

If you have items you would like to get rid of but can’t make it on the day, then you can bring them along to the hall between 6-8pm on the evening before. However we cannot allow items to be taken until Sunday (sorry).

If there’s something you’d like to offer, but you need help to get it there, please contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

Contact June Emerson  by email, or telephone  01751 430907



The Morsbags Group

The group meets once a month to sew shopping bags using recycled fabric, for example old261438_2330221174398_1215807982_2840047_1141746_n curtains. The bags are then given away free to people in the town to reduce the number of plastic bags that are used. New members are always welcome.

For more information about the damage that plastic bags are doing to wildlife and the environment, why not take a look at www.morsbags.com

Contact Chris Dowie: chris.dowie@hotmail.co.uk 01751 432305



Other ways to reduce waste

● Suggesting that excess packaging is left in shops/supermarkets

● Encouraging children to think about new ways of dealing with waste

● Exploring ways in which households can be helped to manage their waste better

● Put your bin on The Rubbish Diet! Click on the image below to go to a brilliant website all about how to waste less – especially food – and recycle more, so you can slim your bin.

Click here to visit The Rubbish Diet





Please send your ideas and information to either June Emerson or Chris Dowie as mentioned above.



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