Local Economy


Welcome to the Local Economy working group

Our aim is to make the town as self-sufficient as possible in the necessities of life. That includes:

  • encouraging residents to support the local shops in order to keep the town centre active and profitable.
  • Helping to keep Kirkbymoorside as an attractive place to do the weekly shopping.
  • Encouraging communication and mutual help between the team of local retailers.
  • Encouraging the circulation of money within the local community rather than it being pocketed by the shareholders of giant, distant corporations.

A proportion of every pound that is spent locally is then re-used locally and brings immediate and increased benefits to the local community.



Past projects

● Producing a fully indexed Kirkbymoorside Shopping Guide, to encourage people to shop locally.

For the latest downloadable version in a new window, you can either click on the image to the right, or click here.

● Bringing together local retailers to share ideas about the local economy

● Explore the possibility of creating a local currency


For more information, or with any suggestions or ideas, please contact

June Emerson  by email, or telephone  01751 430907



Each meeting arranged at the end of the previous one. Contact June for the date of the next meeting.

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